Industrial Biltong Drying

Quality Industrial Biltong Drying Equipment


Model 2224 Heat pump

± 200 kg wet meat over a 4-to-5-day period

Model 2224U Heat pump

± 200 kg wet meat over a 4-to-5-day period

Model 2501 Heat pump

± 1 Ton to 20 Tons wet meat over a 4-to-5-day period


There are many different biltong drying solutions that can be offered and these depend on a number of factors including among others:

  • Physical location of the drying facility
  • Capacity of meat to be dried
  • Type of biltong (thin pieces, chips, thick pieces, wors etc)
  • Site space constraints if applicable
  • Customer preferences in terms of drying conditions (drying temperature and humidity

Our premier system consists of a heat pump dehumidifier and operates in a closed drying room independent of the external weather. This results in better control over the drying process and produces superior quality biltong and wors. This process is also the most energy efficient and pays for itself in reduced electrical operating costs.


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CFW manufactures a wide range of biltong drying systems.

Based in South Africa and with more than 30 years’ experience in the Biltong drying industry, CFW is a renown supplier of Biltong drying equipment locally and abroad.

Our industrial biltong dryers are used around the world in Angola, Australia, America, Namibia, United Kingdom, Zambia and Zimbabwe to name a few.