MODEL 2224

Heat pump biltong drying unit

General Information


An energy efficient, heat pump biltong drying cabinet with a drying capacity of ± 200 kg wet meat over a 4 to 5 day period. Stainless Steel 304 hanging rods included. Option to supply stainless steel drying trays for thinner pieces like chili bites.


  • The drying cycle time is dependent on the physical characteristics of the meat (thickness of the pieces, type of meat, casings associated with dried wors / jerky and packing arrangements).


  • Your entry level, cheaper “Heat and Vent” system which uses heating elements combined with an extract fan can be very limited with no control over the quality of Biltong being produced. With these systems the outside weather conditions has a significant effect on the overall drying time and quality of Biltong. It is not recommended for mass Biltong production and more suited for homemade requirements where timeframe and quality not as important.


  • For superior quality biltong it is important to have a closed drying system (no influence due to outside weather conditions) with complete control over the temperature and relative humidity during the drying process. The Model 2224 drying unit caters for all these which makes it a very popular choice for producing superior quality biltong.


1 off Model 2224 Drying cabinet: R195 000

50 off Stainless Steel 304 Hanging Rods: R6 250 (R125 each)

Grand Total: R201 250


  • VAT
  • Stainless Steel 304 Trays (Optional at R 1250 per tray)
  • Crating (R5 750 per unit)
  • Delivery transportation (Dependent on location and country regulations)
  • Site installation
  • Anything not specifically mentioned above.

Estimated Ex-works delivery:  8 weeks from order and receiving the deposit payment

Terms of payment: 35% deposit with order, 65% on completion and before shipment

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  • Developed specifically for the Biltong drying industry
  • An extremely energy efficient heat pump system
  • Single phase
  • Complete control over drying process with build in temperature, relative humidity and airflow control
  • Historical temperature and humidity graphs.
  • No influences on the drying process due to outside weather conditions – closed circulation drying.
  • Design for even airflow through the product from top to bottom inside the cabinet.
  • The main cabinet, hanging rods and trays(optional) are manufactured from Stainless steel.
  • Easy to operate with build in “touch screen” control panel.
  • Recipe driven which allow you to set up drying recipes for different products.
  • Hygienic inside, easy cleanable and fitted with removable, washable drip trays.
  • No biltong hanging hooks or labour in this regard required.
  • Versatile design which accommodates both hanging rods (biltong & wors) and slide in trays (Biltong sticks, chilly bytes, etc.)
  • Very compact design and easy to transport and install.
  • Option to split top and bottom unit if needed to fit through normal door heights.
  • Fitted on wheels.
  • Operating manual and installation guide included.
  • 1 year Guarantee (Free issue upon receiving faulty components.)